Mobile communications unit promises encryption, integration

Avaya unveiled its Mobile Communications System, a mobile communications unit with encryption and optional VPN tunneling that integrates command center communications with private WANs. The system includes telephones, an uninterruptible power supply and rugged case, according to the company. It costs between $28,000 and $49,800, depending on options.

Clustering technology increase coverage area

Nova Engineering announced the beta phase of its NovaRoam Clustering Technology, which lets mobile mesh networks span tens to hundreds of miles, according to the company. It facilitates increased network capacity, scalability and geographical reach and supports multiple gateways across disparate areas. It costs $5000 and will be available in Q1 2007.

Spotwave announces product line upgrades

Spotwave launched a new version of its SpotCel products for intelligent in-building repeaters for private radio networks, including a PC-based application for the configuration of up to 10 channels for local trunking frequencies. In addition, the 167/267 adaptive repeaters also have been upgraded to operate in private trunked 800 MHz networks, according to the company.

PC paging terminal offers message dispatch and management

Commtech Wireless announced its CommtechMessenger, a PC paging terminal with message dispatch and management capabilities. The device connects alarm-monitoring systems with EMS pagers, DECT handsets and audible alarms, according to Commtech.