Datron World Communications has added two payloads to its Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). One is the Go Pro HD HERO 2, which delivers high-definition images and video. The other is Photo 3S, which now takes near-infrared images, in addition to standard 5-megapixel daylight images. The near-infrared capability is useful for fire-hazard and drought monitoring, as well as other environmental applications, the company said.

TCS part of federal contract

TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) announced that it is one of eight vendors selected to participate in the five-year, $2.6 billion Custom Satcom Solutions (CS2) contract. The contract lets Department of Defense (DOD) and federal civilian agencies purchase equipment and services from approved vendors through both the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the company said.

USMSS names executive director

USMSS, a nationwide association of Motorola service partners, has named Bill Dow as its executive director. Currently, Dow is the president of Miner Electronics Laboratories in Munster, Ind.; previously he had a 12-year career at Motorola Solutions.

Tait gets DMR interop certificate

Tait Communications announced that it has been awarded a second interoperability certificate from the Digital Mobile Radio Association, after successful testing of its DMR Tier 3 terminals. Earlier this year, the company received the first interoperability certificate awarded by the association for its Tier 3 infrastructure equipment, the company said.

El Salvador deploys Tiburon solution

Tiburon said that El Salvador’s national police agency has deployed the company’s DispatchNow computer-aided dispatch and mobile communications solution. The solution supports 109 call-taking and dispatch positions in a main center and 13 remote sites. It also incorporates a recently launched application that supports mobile dispatch functionality and standards-based MAP tiling that are optimized for PDAs and smartphones, the company said.

TrustComm joins SIA

The Satellite Industry Association said that TrustComm, a provider of satellite communications services and equipment to the government and commercial sectors, has joined the association.