Communications system supports interference-free communications

PacketHop unveiled the Communication System 2.0 that supports interference-free, mobile-mesh broadband communications in the 4.9 GHz spectrum, as well as cellular data network access, according to the company. It uses the 802.11 standard and features 802.1x, WPA2 and AES encryption. It will be available in Q4 2006.

Wireless portable promises ruggedness, encryption

TeleCommunication Systems released its SwiftLink2510 SLICK portable communications terminal. The device offers IPSEC encryption, remote location networking, and global area networking, operates from -40 to +60 degrees C, and supports VoIP, data and video.

EF Johnson upgrades its Network Management System

EF Johnson upgraded its Network Management System, part of its Trunked IP25 Infrastructure System. It now offers a browser-based graphical user interface, remote radio disable functionality and an optional IP25 viewer application, according to the company.

Eventide improves software, call loggers

Eventide launched the MediaWorks client software for its Linux-based product line. The software offers upgraded GUI features, including right-click functionality, column sorting, tabbed workspace navigation and the ability to resize windows to fit multiple displays. The company also upgraded its VR series of call loggers by adding VoIP compatibility and a MediaAgent client that offers an instant recall capability for viewing portions of incoming calls in real time. It is capable of record-on-demand, live monitoring, and configurable alarms and alerts, according to the company.

Calif. county deploys CAD and mobile data solution

The Santa Barbara, Calif., Sheriff’s Department awarded a $1.8 million contract and five-year software maintenance agreement to TriTech Software Systems for a computer-aided dispatch and mobile data system. The department will use the VisiCAD Command, a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional CAD system, and the VisiNet Mobile, a mobile data solution, to serve the approximately 450,000 citizens residing in Santa Barbara County, according to the company.

Command centers offer mobility, multiple components

New Communications Solutions unveiled its newest mobile and portable command centers. The mobile command center features multiple components, including a mini-dispatch console that connects up to four radios, one microphone and two speakers, and can cross-band to iDEN and satellite phones. It costs between $4500 and $11,000. The portable command center offers cable accessories, selected and unselected audio speakers, power management, battery power with up to eight hours of operation and the NCS-C250 mobile multi-switcher. It costs $3500.

Tracking product expands features

IDA’s web-based TRAKIT nationwide vehicle location and tracking product line has added new features, including an expanded online database for the identification of customers, vendors and landmarks; an over-the-air option to change options and settings; and a sleep mode to conserve battery power when the vehicle ignition is turned off. It also offers updated management and information reports.

AMREL launches company mobile computer

AMREL Systems launched its ROCKY Mobile Junior, a fixed, on-board mobile computer developed for compact spaces. It weighs less than 4 lbs. with a 9.8 x 7.4 form factor and has a rugged, 12.1 inch touch-screen display. In addition, it meets MIL-STD 810F military standards for resistance to extreme temperatures.

Cheyenne upgrades communication capabilities

Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS products were deployed in Cheyenne, Wyo., to support multiple public-safety and public-works departments. The fixed- and mobile-network uses the company’s 4900 series that operates at 4.9 MHz for multi-point backhaul and its 900 series operating at 900 MHz to give city workers mobile access in their vehicles, including the ability to connect to Wi-Fi enabled PDAs, according to the company.