PSC launches RFID bundle

PSC, Inc. this week introduced a radio frequency identification (RFID) bundle—in conjunction with BlueStar and epcSolutions—that contains a reader, printer, media roll and software and which lets users create and verify an EPC-compliant label, the company said.

Patent awarded for in-building wireless coverage system

Consistel has been awarded a patent by Singapore’s Registry of Patents for its proprietary Panetro system, which is designed to enhance in-building wireless coverage in enclosed areas, especially in elevators. Such environments face challenges (e.g., deep fading of radio frequency waves) due to obstacles such as concrete walls, pillars and partitions.

West Coast first-responder agency selects data display system

FlyteComm was selected by Washington County, Ore., to deploy its Surface Logistics data display system. The system takes data feeds from emergency call center computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems and then provides a display of incidents, along with personnel, equipment and apparatus that are available to public-safety access points (PSAPs). The system does not require the installation of server software and is modular, so agencies can add PSAPs incrementally to build a regional data-sharing network a step at a time, the company said.

Company awarded $1.7 million contact for RFID technology

Viisage has been awarded a $1.7 million contract by a federal agency in Brazil to deploy its iA-thenticate radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic document reader. The iA-thenticate uses an embedded e-passport smart chip reader to verify the validity of credentials that are electronically stored on the e-passport, e-Visas, driver's licenses and ID cards. The solution will be used at all airports, seaports and land crossing borders throughout Brazil.

The system will be operated by the Department of Federal Police in the first nationwide implementation of an automated RFID document authentication system in the western hemisphere, the company said.

Communications system integrates mobile record access and computing tools

Intergraph received a $1.9 million contract from the city of Plantation, Fla., to provide its agencies with a multi-agency incident response and management system that will serve more than 200 police, fire and emergency medical services personnel. The system consists of law enforcement records management, mobile computing and computer-aided dispatch. The multi-agency communications center will use interactive maps to locate and respond to incidents, the company said..

DC/DC converters reduce power consumption

Microchip Technology released a new family of positively regulated charge pump DC/DC converters that automatically switch between 1.5x and 2x boost operation to reduce power consumption. All are designed for use in low-power devices that use LED backlights, such as pagers, handheld meters and scanners and handheld GPS devices.

The MCP1256 and MCP1257 operate in “sleep” mode, where quiescent current is lowered but regulated output voltage stays the same. The MCP1258 and MCP 1259 offer a bypass feature that connects the input voltage to the output, which biases the system’s real-time clock and microprocessor/microcontroller with little power drain from the charge pump itself. All devices have a low-noise output ripple of less than 20 mVpp at load currents up to 100mA, resulting in less system interference, the company said.