Dataradio forms user group

Dataradio will form a new user group to address customers’ comments and suggestions, according to the company. The group will focus on the operation and maintenance of private, wireless networks for mobile data users and will meet in conjunction with the Dataradio Mobile User Conference in Atlanta, Ga., from July 18 to July 20.

University team develops hydrogen-detection sensor

A team of engineering faculty and students from the University of Florida developed a miniature sensor node that can detect hydrogen leaks and transmit an alarm using wireless communication technology. The node is designed to work in tandem with other existing nodes and has an internal power source that harvests energy from small vibrations, according to the university. NASA’s Hydrogen Research Program, which is located on campus, sponsored the research.

Mesh network monitors remote tanks

Millennial Net released a Tank Level Monitoring Solution based on its MeshScape 5424 family of 2.4 GHz wireless mesh and enterprise software, modules and gateways. The solution monitors remote tanks for the oil, gas and environmental industries to improve asset health and optimization efficiency by “leveraging the scalability benefits of a mesh network topology,” according to the company.

Comtech subsidiary lands $4.4 million contract

Comtech Telecommunications’ New York-based subsidiary, Comtech PST, received a $4.4 million contract from Raytheon to produce the Integrated Radio Frequency Assembly—high-power amplifiers used in the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System UHF radio. The radio system is used by the Department of Defense for the distribution of command and control data and situational awareness information, according to Comtech.

N.J. Department of Law purchases configurable bridge

N.J.’s Department of Law and Public Safety purchased 21 Incident Commanders’ Radio Interfaces from Communications-Applied Technology. The interface is a portable, configurable bridge that links incompatible UHF, VHF and 800 MHz radio equipment.

Flextronics launched software-signaling framework for telecoms

Flextronics launched SigASN, a platform-independent, software-signaling framework that lets telecom equipment manufacturers develop an ASN gateway for mobility in WiMAX networks. The software is based on 802.16e specifications.

Digital-to-RF chip operates from 450 MHz to 6 GHz

TechnoConcepts soon will release its TC-TX1000 D/RF software-programmable, direct-conversion, digital-to-RF chip that operates from the 450 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. The chip supports cellular base stations, handset applications, emergency response and other wireless applications because it can be programmed for multiple modes, according to the company.