Software suite supports data collection

Hertzler Systems’ GainSeeker software suite—used to connect devices and information systems—now supports wireless data collection, monitoring and analysis via a PDA, palmtop computer and other handheld devices, according to the company. The software lets users track real-time alerts and troubleshoot enterprise issues. According to the company, the data is immediately available to the rest of the enterprise, eliminating the need for synchronizing devices.

Washington state provider chooses advanced metering system

Manitoba Hydro, a Washington state energy provider to approximately 500,000 electric and 250,000 gas customers, will deploy Itron’s newest OpenWay advanced metering and communication technology in September. The product combines two-way communications with an open-protocol, standards-based architecture, so utilities can select communications technologies best suited to their needs, according to the company. Manitoba has chosen the OpenWay radio frequency local area network architecture to communication with its meters. Other options include power line carrier, broadband over powerline and other public, private, wired and wireless IP-based communication networks.

Wave Wireless restructures

Wave Wireless will restructure its business to focus on core sectors after completing the sale of several wholly owned subsidiaries for about $1.3 million.

U.S. Postal Service invests in vehicle management system

I.D. Systems landed additional orders from the U.S. Postal Service for the company’s Wireless Asset Net. The product is an industrial vehicle management system with intelligent wireless devices installed on industrial vehicles, so users can track assets in real time.

Paris aims for blanket wireless coverage

Paris officials want to establish 400 free Wi-Fi access points next year and allow Internet service providers to install antennas on strategically located public properties.