Yuma, Ariz. deploys wireless system in late 2006

The city of Yuma, Ariz., selected MobilePro to design, deploy and operate the city’s mesh-wireless network. All Wi-Fi devices will have free access to the network landing page, which will contain information about the service and instructions on how to connect to the city's website. Deployment of the Yuma network is scheduled to begin in late 2006. The wireless network initially will cover only a portion of the city's 106 square miles.

Anritsu handhelds offer monitoring software

Anritsu will license Summitek Instruments’ OASIS Spectrum Monitoring software. The software now will be available as an accessory for Anritsu’s Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzers. OASIS, when combined with the handhelds, monitors and manages multiple sites remotely, performs intermodulation analysis studies, generates channel occupancy statistics and determines emission-mask compliance, according to a joint company statement.

Dutch ministry picks Alcatel for data management system

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior chose Alcatel’s Manager of Managers (MoM) network management system for its national communications system, which is based on Europe’s TETRA standard and which supports about 75,000 pagers and walkie-talkies used by first responders. The MoM system is expected to be fully operational in the last quarter of 2006, according to Alcatel.

Commercial enterprises tap public-safety market

Sheriff’s and police departments in Jefferson County, Ala., and Madison, Wis., respectively, will deploy Radio IP Software’s MTG software, which optimizes wireless data transmissions, lets users roam across multiple networks and integrates all user networks on a single interoperable TCP/IP standard, Radio IP recently said in an announcement. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department purchased 175 licenses, while the city of Madison Police Department purchased 150 licenses, the company said.