DoD project invests in mobile power generator

NextEnergy purchased Titan Energy Development’s Sentry 5000 system, which will be used as part of a Department of Defense-sponsored project dubed the Advanced Mobile Microgrid Power System. The project seeks solutions for the reliable deployment of mobile power control and conditioning assets to any location within 48 hours. The Sentry system was chosen because it provides 80 hours of emergency power generation and supports satellite voice and data communication and lends 50 kW of additional power capacity, according to Titan.

EF Johnson launches submersible portable

EF Johnson announced that the company’s 5100 portables now meet the MIL810C to 810F military standards for immersion. The portables are capable of operating underwater at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, the company said.

Emergency response agency deploys wireless data system

The St. Louis Area Regional Response System selected IBM for an emergency patient tracking system that lets first responders use mobile data terminals to record patient vital signs and injuries at the scene of an incident. The data are then wirelessly transmitted to area hospitals.

General Dynamics unit launches rugged notebook

Itronix., a General Dynamics company, launched the GoBook XR-1, a rugged wireless notebook. It uses Intel’s mobile dual-core processor, the Core Duo 1.83GHz, and comes with a 40 MB or 80 MB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive, a power-management utility, an integrated Ethernet 1GB LAN and Microsoft’s XP Professional operating system. It will ship in Sept. 2006.