Sensor monitors tumors, radiation doses

Sicel Technologies received Federal Drug Administration clearance to mass market its dose verification system that includes a wireless, implantable radiation sensor used to monitor patients currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Using a hand-held reader, physicians can determine tumor localization and the dose of radiation being delivered to a tumor after each treatment, according to the company. The sensor also was recently approved for use in breast cancer patients.

Zebra launches WLAN radio

Zebra unveiled its 802.11g WLAN radio option for the company’s QL Plus series, which also will be available on the RW series of mobile printers later this summer, according to the company. The radio supports 802.11i, VPN and WPA/WPA2-enterprise standards for data security and meets the IEEE’s advanced encryption standards.

Wrist-worn PC enters the market

Parvus developed the ZYPAD WL 1000 wrist-wearable wireless computer with built-in GPS. The product uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to send data wirelessly. According to the company, the computer was built for those in search and rescue, health care, homeland security, law enforcement and others who respond to emergency incidents or work in multi-tasking environments.

Vendor offers free RF calculator download

Version 5.0 of RF Cafe’s Calculator Workbook is available as a free download on the RF Cafe Web site. The product is written in Microsoft Excel format and contains calculators often needed when addressing RF, microwave, wireless and radar engineering issues, according to the company.