Intel sells communications division

Intel announced Tuesday it will sell its communications division that produces the Xscale processor targeted at smartphones and wireless PDAs to Marvel for $600 million. The sale will let Intel focus its investments on its core businesses, including Intel Architecture-based processors and emerging technologies for mobile computing, such as Wi-Fi and WiMAX broadband wireless technologies. The transaction is expected to close in four to five months and is subject to regulatory review and other closing conditions.

Broadcom processor integrates RFID technology

Broadcom launched a BCM5890 processor that integrates radio frequency identification (RFID) technology targeted at the biometrics industry. The new device is designed to secure personal authentication transactions associated with physical access, logical access and contactless payment applications. The processor also eliminates some inherent security vulnerabilities of currently deployed authentication technologies, according to Broadcom.

Companies partner on wireless headset

FreeLinc and Peltor will partner to develop wireless headsets specifically for military communication systems. The companies said the new product will combine FreeLinc’s near-field magnetic communications technology with Peltor’s under-the-helmet, dual-ear designs so military personnel can access wireless data without worrying about security. A phased release of the new headsets is planned by end of Q4 2006.

Voice over Wi-Fi now standard on Symbol’s mobile computers

Symbol Technologies’ mobile computers will now be outfitted with SoftRISC’s CPU-based voice over Wi-Fi capabilities. The upgrades will improve voice quality while eliminating the need for separate digital-signal-processing (DSP) and acoustic-echo-cancellation (AEC) chips, according to the company.