Illinois bill mandates miner-safety requirements, wireless communication

A bill to protect trapped miners, and rescuers responding to the incident, recently won unanimous approval in the Illinois House. Illinois Senate Bill 929 proposes a state mandate requiring mine operators to install wireless devices able to receive and transmit emergency communications from the surface to any location throughout the mine. The bill also orders operators to purchase a real-time tracking system capable of monitoring the physical location of each person underground.

Consulting service welcomes a new partner

New Orleans-based Tusa Consulting Services announced its new partner, John Dean Hart. Hart has worked as a M/A-COM field service manager for the State of Florida’s Law Enforcement Radio System and, more recently, as Motorola’s lead project manager for the State of Virginia’s State Agencies Radio System Program.

East Coast scientists study sensor technology

Fourteen researchers from John Hopkins University and the University of Baltimore, respectively, have joined the Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and Environment project, an R&D-driven study of wireless sensor networks’ ability to continuously send data from various settings to laboratory computers. The researchers hope to use the technology to transform the way doctors care for patients, local agencies monitor air quality and governments guard against attack, according to a statement. The project is based at Princeton University and funded by the National Science Foundation.

RFID tag monitors cargo environments

Savi Technology released SensorTag ST-673 and ST-674, active RFID tags that monitor cargos’ temperature. Users can program the ruggedized tag to gauge temperature and humidity levels for specific cargo, according to the company. When programmed, the tags intuitively record environmental stability and send a real-time alarm to fixed- or mobile-RF readers to notify users of a specific problem.

RF safety training video now available

DCI released a two-hour, RF safety training video that provides guidance on working safely in non-ionizing RF environments. The video includes data on regulations, government compliance and safe work practices at RF sites.