Northwest Indiana gets Wi-Fi hot zone

Colubris Networks deployed a Wi-Fi hot zone in Fort Wayne, Ind., which is the second largest metropolitan area in the state. The Indiana Data Center selected the company’s Intelligent MultiService System to deliver wireless Internet access to the city and 25 surrounding Northwest Indiana communities. The system features a wireless distribution mode that enables the data center to deliver Wi-Fi services, according to Colubris.

Software protects data on portable storage devices

Centennial Software gave the U.S. Armed Forces 25,000 free licenses of its endpoint security software, DeviceWall. The software manages portable storage devices (such as PDAs) in networked environments and prevents data theft by encrypting portable-device data. According to the company, the software uses a three-pronged approach to endpoint security by controlling desktop connectivity, managing portable device usage and protecting mobile data.

Companies unite to offer seamless roaming

DaVitas Networks used G-Tek Electronics’ wireless PWG-600 handset to test seamless interoperability using VoIP-over Wi-Fi applications. The dual-mode, session-initiation-protocol [SIP], Wi-Fi handset integrates GSM, GPRS and Wi-Fi modules to support roaming between Wi-Fi and 2G/2.5G cellular networks. The companies claim that together they can now offer customers end-to-end service with low-voice latency and uninterrupted roaming.

Wireless transceiver meets European band requirements

Integration Associates released the IA4421, its next-generation, EZ Radio FSK wireless transceiver. The device was updated to improve phase-noise performance, to meet European regulations in the 868 MHz band and to provide a higher output power for the 434 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands. It also offers automatic antenna tuning, automatic frequency control and frequency hoping, according to the company.