Annapolis joins ranks and goes wireless

Annapolis, Md. chose wireless-mesh vendor Nortel to build its citywide wireless network. Residents and visitors armed with a wireless network card will be able to access the Wi-Fi services by creating a user profile on the city’s Web site. The network will go live at the end of April 2006.

Wireless system tracks patient data

Hospira and InnerWireless yesterday announced interoperability between Hospira’s infusion therapy devices and InnerWireless’ Medical-grade Wireless Utility, an in-building wireless system for hospitals and other large buildings. When used together, data is transmitted wirelessly from an infusion pump to the hospital’s clinical information system to let clinicians closely monitor patients, according to a joint company statement.

IEEE project addresses utilities’ cyber-security

The IEEE P1689 "Trial Use Standard for Cyber Security of Serial SCADA Links and IED Remote Access" report discusses the association’s recommendations for those utility companies retrofitting communications systems to guard against cyber attacks. The association based the report on the American Gas Association's standards on cyber security as it relates to the power industry. Electric utilities will use the standard to set procurement specifications, and vendors will apply it to build open-system cyber-security devices, according to IEEE.

Report addresses states’ readiness for 2006 hurricane season

The First Response Coalition released a report on the current readiness of first responders prior to this 2006 hurricane season. The report, “The Imminent Story 2006: Vulnerable Emergency Communications in Eight Hurricane Zones,” highlights state-by-state interoperability issues for those in the most active hurricane zones, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

Avaya attempts to answer FCC call

Avaya yesterday announced the launch of its Mobile Communication System to meet FCC Chairman Kevin Martin post-Hurricane Katrina request that the commercial sector to develop communications technologies offering flexibility and a mobile infrastructure. The system provides IP telephony, basic voice messaging, data networking and network connectivity. The center can be up and running in less than an hour, according to Avaya.

AdvanceTec introduces new-generation product

AdvanceTec introduced its software-based Negative Pulse Technology conditioning charger and analyzer offering a real-time monitoring capability for tracking the charging and conditioning process of a battery. It can be connected to a PC or laptop to track battery current, battery voltage, change voltage, phase time and results, according to AdvanceTec.