Upgrade promises faster routing of VoIP 911 calls

TeleCommunication Systems’ announced it has added a Master Street Address Guide-based routing feature to its VoIP Positioning Center solution. The new feature routes 911 calls made from a VoIP subscriber to a public-safety answering point. The solution applies to nomadic and static VoIP emergency calls and supports NENA’s recent VoIP position statements on use of MSAG-based call routing, according to the company.

Web links provide public-safety tips

Spectracom has added a public-safety link page to its website. The page address challenges of public-safety access points, the demand for updated timing equipment, communication disaster planning, operation consolidation and the updating or replacing of obsolete equipment, according to Spectracom.

Baltimore schools invest in AVL for school buses

Radio Satellite Integrators landed a contract with the Baltimore, Md., public school system to install an automatic vehicle location (AVL) system for its school bus fleet. The product combines GPS, wireless communications and computerized mapping software to provide real-time data access, according to the company

IEEE postpones review of 802.20

The IEEE has put its review of 802.20 wireless technology feasibility on hold, according to the Wall Street Journal. The new technology, supported by Qualcomm, is a competitor to the popular WiMAX solution used to deliver long-range broadband access.

Wi-Fi Alliance gains new member

Fortress Technologies announced that it has joined the Wi-Fi Alliance. The alliance is a global, nonprofit organization with the stated goal of driving the adoption of a single, worldwide standard for high-speed WLAN. Currently , the alliance is comprised of 250 members.

Solution improves flow of management data

The EnterpriseIQ RealTime wireless production monitoring system from IQMS is now available. The product uses mesh network and embedded wireless technology to let enterprises share real-time production management data remotely throughout the warehouse environment. It also synchronizes network machines tasked with monitoring operations, according to the company.

Pa., county chooses wireless information-sharing application

Lancaster County, Pa., selected BIO-Key’s MobileCop product, adding to the already 25 surrounding municipal law enforcement agencies county-wide deploying the product to share secure, mobile data from local, state and federal criminal justice databases.