Boeing and FedEx test active RFID tags

Boeing and FedEx partnered for an in-service evaluation of RFID tags used to monitor airplane parts for FedEx’s MD-10 freighters. Identec Solutions will provide the active tags, which are battery powered and contain a microchip transmitter that operates at 915 MHz. The data is transferred from the tags to a hand-held reader and offer a 300-foot read-range, according to Inentec.

First National SOS Radio Network test held in Conn.

The National SOS Radio Network selected the State of Connecticut for the first field test of its public emergency communications system, to be held on June 17, 2006. According to National SOS, the fledgling network hopes to leverage the approximately 100 million, low-cost Family Radio Service radios already in use for recreational and neighborhood communications. Amateur radio operators, licensed GMRS users and scanner users theoretically would monitor FRS signals during an emergency.

Helicomm launches integrated wireless sensor platform

Helicomm unveiled an integrated platform for wireless sensor monitoring and location tracking applications using wireless mesh access points, low-power mobile tags and an application management interface that lets users deploy wireless sensory networks. The system integrates various types of sensors, such as those measuring temperature, pressure, smoke and gas, according to Helicomm.

Temex introduces new WiMAX components

Temex announced several new frequency components for WiMAX applications. The products include two low-phase-noise voltage controlled oscillators; one low-phase-noise voltage-controlled, temperature-controlled crystal oscillator; and three high-rejection intermediate frequency surface acoustic wave filters, according to the company.