Vendor launches surface acoustic wave filters

MtronPTI launched surface acoustic wave filters and resonators as part of a new line of frequency control and timing products. The devices are designed for custom applications at frequencies from 20 MHz through 2500 MHz, and optionally support signal-processing functions, according to the company.

PCTEL announces wideband antenna

PCTEL released its MWV1322HD heavy-duty wideband VHF antenna. The antenna offers 26 MHz of bandwidth in the 132 MHz to 147 MHz frequencies and promises 2.4 dB of gain when installed on a ground plane. The company also launched its MLPV4900 antenna for wideband coverage for 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz frequencies; the antenna offers a 4 dBi nominal gain, the company said.

PricewaterhouseCoopers deploys RFID solution

PricewaterhouseCoopers Mexico will use AXCESS’ Dual-Active RFID solution to detect when specific assets are located inside or taken outside of secure areas. The tags will be placed on fixed desktops, servers and storage devices as well as laptops, according to AXCESS.

Beijing security bureau implements wireless system

Strix Systems’ Access/One Network outdoor and indoor wireless systems will be deployed by Beijing’s Public Security Bureau for mesh-networking applications throughout the Xicheng district, which has an estimated population of 800,000.

Marine Corps chooses encrypted communications node

TeleCommunication Systems has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific for its SwiftLink 2310 remote network node. The node is a rugged, portable C4I terminal that facilitates encrypted voice and data communications over the Inmarsat satellite network.

Scanner captures fingerprint data

Cogent Systems’ BlueCheck is a 3-oz., Bluetooth-enabled mobile fingerprint scanner equipped with an LCD display and a 500 dpi fingerprint sensor. The captured data is encrypted and can be transferred to any Bluetooth capable PDA, laptop or cell phone, according to the company.

Navy awards $34 million networking contract

The U.S. Navy awarded a tactical networking contract to Data Link Solutions worth $34 million, the company announced. The contract calls for Data Link to provide a multifunctional information distribution system, low volume terminals--which provide encrypted real-time data communications, situational awareness and navigation--and a digital voice communications system.

Active RFID tag offers additional built-in sensors

AeroScout announced it has enhanced its T2 Tag, an active, Wi-Fi-based tag for asset tracking and management. It now includes a built-in temperature monitor and motion sensor.

WLAN architecture gets DoD approval

Cisco Systems announced its Unified Wireless LAN controllers and access points built with IEEE 201.11i WLAN architecture now meets the cryptographic security standards defined by the Department of Defense.

GPS recorder tracks location, speed

Telespial Systems launched the Trackstick Pro, the latest edition to its line of GPS location recorders. It can record its own location, speed, and direction, as well as other data, according to the company.

Association offers safety reminders

The National Association of Tower Erectors introduced a series of free, safety-first posters. To learn more, visit