Inksure awarded U.S. patents for chipless RFID

InkSure Technologies’ InkSure RF subsidiary has been awarded a U.S. patent for multi-bit, chipless, RFID-printed labels. The patent is the third chipless RFID patent awarded to the company over the past 16 months. Current RFID applications require the embedding of chips into ID tags. Chipless RFID labels offer speed, functionality and ease-of-use compared to traditional barcodes, according to the company.

GPS solution monitors and reports field engineers’ location

ServicePower’s ServiceGPS monitors and reports key information related to field engineers and/or their vehicles, such as location, average speed and travel distances. The information is then fed into the company’s artificial intelligence-based optimizer to schedule the efficient routes for field engineers, according to ServicePower.

Push-to-talk provider offers location-at-a-glance feature

Push-to-talk provider Clarity Communication Systems introduced Where2Talk, which combines location at-a-glance with the real-time calling and presence capabilities of P2T. The P2T contact list on the mobile phone displays all contacts on the main screen with their city/state location visible at-a-glance. In addition, the user can obtain a map of each contact’s location, street address and directions to the location.

The Where2Talk service consists of a BREW application on a mobile phone and a PC-based dispatch console. Its web-based dispatch console lets users view contacts on a map, see their online availability, select a group based on location and push-to-talk to the group from the PC, according to the company.

UK agency accesses real-time kinematics GPS corrections without a base station

Trimble’s VRS Now service provides surveyors, civil engineers and geo-spatial professionals with GPS information without the use of a base station. Applications include surveying, urban planning, urban and rural construction, environmental monitoring, resource and territory management, disaster prevention and relief and scientific research. Using data from OS Net, the GPS network delivers centimeter-level RTK positioning customized for each GPS receiver's exact location anywhere in the network. Without the need for base-station hardware, the user's GPS receivers can work independently as rovers, according to a company statement.

The announcement was made at the World of Geomatics 2006, the UK’s exhibition showcasing measuring, mapping and managing geo-spatial information technologies.

Wireless corporation solidifies merger agreement

Wireless broadband solutions developer Wave Wireless today completed its merger with WaveRider Communications. The company will continue to be called Wave Wireless Corp. Charles W. Brown, former chief executive officer of WaveRider, has been named CEO of Wave Wireless, and Scott Worthington, former chief financial officer of WaveRider, will serve as CFO of Wave Wireless. Dan Rumsey, the acting CEO of Wave Wireless prior to the merger, will remain on the board of directors, according to a joint company statement.