Columbian cargo company deploys Savi technology

Columbia-based logistics and security provider Emprevi will deploy Savi Technology’s SmartChain transportation security solution to track cargo shipments. The product is a process-management-software application for real-time asset tracking and security monitoring. It leverages RFID, electronic seals, biometrics, sensors and GPS to secure cargo, according to the company.

Market-players secure $7.4 million government contract

EFJ and its subsidiary Transcrypt International recently secured two contracts totaling $7.4 million from government agencies that requested anonymity. The companies will supply voice security products as well as Project 25-compliant radios and repeaters for use in disaster-relief efforts.

Motorola launches new hand-held

Motorola released the HC700-G, its newest hand-held integrating data capture and LAN- and WLAN-connectivity through GSM, GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology. The hand-held is designed for mobile workforces in a variety of industries, including field-force automation, field sales, shipping, transportation, logistics, manufacturing and public safety.

SRA receives $4 billion purchase agreement from aid agency

The U.S. Agency for International Development has awarded a $4 billion purchase agreement to SRA International, a technology and communications consultancy company. The company will provide global enterprise IT and wireless communications services to the agency as well as to the Department of State, according to SRA.

Cisco provides core network for training operation

Cisco Systems will provide the core network infrastructure for data collection during Combined Endeavor 2006, a two-week training operation focused on testing multinational forces’ vital communications systems. The operation will test the security of data passing through a VoIP backbone, mobile telephones, high-frequency satellite communications and more. NATO, the Partnership for Peace and 40 nations will participate in the exercise, according to Cisco.