Florida city to offer wireless access

Citi WiFi Networks selected Strix’s Access/One Outdoor Wireless System for Florida’s first public-private partnership deployment of a citywide wireless mesh network for the City of Dunedin. Businesses, city offices, the marina, tourists and residents will have access to the network, which is currently 25% completed.

Companies partner to deliver POS systems from wired to wireless

Columbitech and Card Access partnered to deliver a secure wireless bridge that lets retailers convert existing networked point-of-sale systems from wired to wireless. The solution combines Card Access’s high-security wireless bridge with Columbitech’s wireless VPN technology to deliver secure data when bridging standard Ethernet LANs and WLANS, according to the companies.

Fortress provides security for coalition field test

Fortress Technologies will provide the security component for the Coalition Operation Area Surveillance and Targeting System field experimentation program taking place in Thailand now through June 1, 2006. The program—conducted by the Department of Defense’s Naval Postgraduate School—will demonstrate wireless information exchanges designed to improve situational awareness across tactical, operational and strategic domains. It also will focus on the scalability of 802.11 a/b/g and WiMAX wireless networks deployed in rugged terrain.

AsicAhead enters WiMAX market

AsicAhead entered the WiMAX market with the Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit, a single-chip, programmable radio that can be reconfigured in the field to support multiple frequency bands and the IEEE 802.16e standards.

Energy companies chose Motorola for P25 project

Tuscan Electric Power selected Motorola to deploy a Project 25 radio system. The digital, trunked, two-way radio system will be used for interoperability between the power company and state and local public-safety agencies, Motorola said. Motorola products also were recently selected by Xcel Energy, which sought out a vendor to deliver wireless trunked radio systems for the Minneapolis/St. Paul, West Texas and Denver/Boulder areas.