France-based wireless network provider Hub telecom—part of the Aéroports de Paris group—recently licensed AirWave Wireless’s Wireless Management Suite to remotely monitor and maintain more than 1600 access points at seven French Airports, including the Paris-Orly Airport.

AirWave’s Wireless Management Suite is a software-based solution for remotely monitoring access points that drive wireless networks throughout an enterprise’s facilities, said Greg Murphy, the company’s chief operating officer. The software auto-discovers a user’s specific wireless network hardware—for example, whether it is from Cisco or Aruba—and adapts itself to the system. Specifically, it controls local area network equipment while being managed over a wide area network by a network operator or IT manager responsible for installing a wireless network.

A typical user environment is a large corporation with a wireless campus or multiple locations, such as retailers or government agencies. The software manages the wireless network on the campus as well as remote, mobile workers tapping into the network to access data, such as e-mail, Murphy said.

“Our software is installed in a network operations center on a standard server and then the IT staff can use the software through a web-based user interface from any location,” he said. “The software may be installed in Fort Worth, Texas, but an administrator in Europe can access, manage and control the system.”

From a management perspective, overseeing U.S. and international airports’ wireless networks require the same type of attention, such as configuring infrastructure, security policies and user location. The biggest difference between U.S. and French airport clients is that French enterprises tend to use Alcatel equipment, while U.S. enterprises favor Cisco Systems gear, Murphy said.

Pricing varies depending on the number of access points deployed by an enterprise. Enterprises managing 25 access points can expect to pay $5000 for licensing fees, Murphy said.