Dynamic Instruments rolls out CallSAFE

SAN DIEGO – Dynamic Instruments has introduced its newest product, CallSAFE for Reliant, a secure online storage – RAID 5 disk array system. CallSAFE is an audio storage and management system that provides extended online storage. Call data is safe guarded on a fault-tolerant, disk array system with critical system components that operate in a mirrored architecture that can be replaced without affecting system operations. CallSAFE is virtually a “hands free” voice logging system, operating from a phone or equipment room with desktop access to all stored calls.

CallSAFE capacity is available starting at 320GB to 2,240GB of storage. Users can locate calls from months past without handling media discs or leaving the convenience of their workspace or environment. CallSAFE acts as an intelligent search engine providing local and remote call access with enhanced features, such as the ability to classify a specific call from a set of customer defined call classification definitions.


iTECH’s Web site is more user friendly

Based on customer feedback, iTECH has made changes to improve the usability of its Web site. Previously, the “products” link directed the user to a page that listed the kinds of products iTECH offers. They would then have to click on one of those options to see the actual product list. Now, when they choose the “products” link, users are go directly to this list. Also, on the battery adapters page, the adapter guides were posted in an .exe file that had to be unzipped. iTECH now offers these guides in an Excel file to eliminate the unzipping process.

Product depicts incumbent microwave path data

The Microwave GeoPlanner from Comsearch is a series of electronic geographic maps depicting up-to-date, incumbent microwave path data and information for point-to-point services from 940MHz to 23GHz. This product is comprised of two data elements: a digital raster graphic and microwave path data. The DRG is a georeferenced 1:250,000-scale USGS topographic map. The microwave path data are portrayed as a line with specific information including contacts, latitude and longitude, frequency, equipment and status.

A new platform supports circuit, packet-based switching

Motorola’s Global Telecom Solutions Sector has introduced a new operations and maintenance center-radio platform that supports circuit/packet-based switching and features of next-generation CDMA2000 1x networks. This platform supports day-to-day network operations and maintenance tasks by providing event and alarm management, performance management, configuration management, security management and software load management functions. This new OMC-R can replace multiple existing OMC-Rs, thereby reducing the amount of equipment in the network and simplifying its configuration.

New feature in this year’s catalog from Rosenberger

The new Rosenberger catalog contains not only the complete range of Rosenberger RF coaxial connector series but also the mini-SMP series connectors. These connectors feature small dimensions for use in applications to 65GHz. The catalog also contains an extended section on RF accessories, such as adapters, cable-feedthroughs and tools, as well as useful information for panel mounting, the standard plating code and cable groups.

PiRod offers insight on new TIA tower standard

PiRod has published a Q&A offering insight on the changes most likely to occur from the revision of the TIA/EIA standard for communications towers. According to John Erichsen, PiRod’s vice president of engineering, the company felt compelled to publish this information because “the new Revision G is shaping up to be vastly different from the existing Revision F, and tower specifiers need to be prepared.” The 12-page booklet offers an explanation on how those changes will affect tower design.

“Having knowledge of the new standard is about more than ensuring you have the highest quality product,” said Erichsen. “The way load factors are now going to be calculated, it’s about maximizing your tower capabity and recognizing the real value of a manufacturer’s quote.”