b>DENVER--Test and measurement vendor Aeroflex this week announced the release of a new service monitor that extends the operating range to 2.7 GHz for analog and digital RF signals.

Based on the IFR 3901 1 GHz radio test set, the IFR 3902 not only extends the operating range but also includes full analog duplex test capabilities as a standard feature. The IFR 3901 also can provide this functionality via an upgrade to firmware release 1.1.

Both the IFR 3902 and the IFR 3901 support an optional Site Monitoring Application that analyzes the system’s noise floor and the effective receiver sensitivity. This monitoring option also lets engineers view interference issues with time- and date-stamped data without having to be on site. These features are compatible with SAT Corp.’s new SigMon 4000 Advanced Site Monitoring Suite.