Anritsu Corp. has named Hiromichi Toda as its president, effective June 23. Toda succeeds Akira Shiomi, who will remain with the company as chairman of the board. Previously, Toda served as general manager of Anritsu’s Measurement Group, one of the company’s largest units with worldwide sales of $47.7 billion in fiscal 2004.

In other news, Anritsu recently introduced the MG3700A, a vector signal generator designed to test satellite receivers and highly secure military communications systems in a laboratory environment.

The MG3700A’s built-in high-speed arbitrary waveform baseband generator allows users to select an arbitrary waveform pattern to output a modulation signal corresponding to the systems being tested. “The purpose is to create a signal that is like the kind of signal a military receiver would receive,” said Jack Landau, marketing communications manager.

An optional software package dubbed IQproducer allows users to generate custom signal patterns for analysis. It also can take data generated by popular signal-generation software tools such as MATLAB and convert the data to a waveform file that can be downloaded to the MG3700A to be generated. “Or, if you’re an IT guy, you can write your own program in C language and create your own signals and use IQproducer to transfer them to the [MG3700A],” Landau said.

The MG3700A also features a 1 GB ARB memory--which allows waveform patterns to be stored in memory rather than on the unit’s hard drive--and a 20 Mb/s bit error rate analyzer.

Data also can be stored to the MG3700A’s 40 GB hard drive, which is removable, an important feature for military users, according to Landau.

“On the government and military side, there is a need for security so that the signal data embodied in an instrument like this can be removed somehow when the unit has to be repaired or recalibrated,” Landau said.

In addition to the ability to store measurements on the removable hard drive, the MG3700A also supports Compact Flash drives so data can be stored on removable electronic media.