BALTIMORE--NetMotion this week announced that Cox Communications has deployed NetMotion’s mobile virtual private network (VPN) solution to let 3500 of its field-service technicians wirelessly access the cable operator’s network applications.

NetMotion’s Mobility XE mobile VPN deployed on field laptops secures the fastest possible connection among multiple networks for field workers, maintains application sessions as users move in and out of network coverage, compresses data and optimizes link connection to enhance performance, and ensures secure access.

"NetMotion Wireless software helps us overcome everyday wireless coverage gaps and interruptions,” Al Briggs, Cox Communications’ director of mobile solution services, said in a prepared statement. “Their solution is helping to make our field-service operation more efficient, ultimately helping us to deliver better service to our customers."

Such efficiency gains are common among NetMotion customers, because mobile workers do not have to repeatedly restart devices and reboot applications because they lost a wireless connection by moving out of coverage, said Tom Johnston, senior vice president of products and marketing for NetMotion.

“It’s about focusing on your work, not your computer,” Johnston said. “We surveyed our customers, and 95% said they received at least a 5% increase in productivity, and 50% said they received at least a 20% gain in productivity.”

NetMotion Wireless also announced it will focus effort to serve other cable operators. Overall, NetMotion Wireless has more than 1000 enterprise customers, and its mobile VPN software has been deployed on more than 200,000 licensed devices.