BALTIMORE--Radio IP Software this week announced that the Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) and Forsyth County, Ga., have significantly increased the effective data performance of their wireless public-safety communications networks by implementing the Radio IP MTG solution.

Ohio MARCS has used 2500 Radio IP MTG licenses to provide users with wireless access to data applications such as a record-management system, automated vehicle location solutions and computer-aided-dispatch software via its Motorola DataTAC network, said Mike Bourre, Radio IP’s vice president of sales and marketing.

“I think we saved them,” Bourre said. Without us, they would have been scrambling and would have been in a tough spot. What Ohio got from us is that they were able to leverage the system they had deployed—and they must have spent $20 million on this system, so it’s not something they could just write off—and needed to leverage”

Before deploying Radio IP MTG, which includes a secure mobile VPN to ensure wireless connectivity, the record-management application could not be accessed by first responders in the field and other software performed sluggishly. With Radio IP’s proprietary protocol to optimize TCP/IP connections and data compression, Ohio MARCS has realized a tenfold increase in data rates over the Motorola network.

“Now, instead of getting a response within a minute, they get it within seconds. I mean, the officers in the field are saying, ‘Wow,’” Bourre said. “Plus, the system’s a lot more reliable.”

The Forsyth County 911 Center has realized even more dramatic benefits by deploying Radio IP, realizing a 100-fold increase in its data rates over a private Motorola Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) network and a public Wi-Fi network. Regardless which network is used, Radio IP MTG ensures the security of the connection and seamlessly maintains the application session when a user moves between the networks.

With the Radio IP solution, Forsyth County can provide a mobile-office environment to first responders wanting to utilize a variety of applications, including InterACT MobileCAD software.

“Prior to this implementation, it could take up to eight minutes to complete routine tasks, such as license plate check,” Brian Converse, radio systems manager for the Forsyth County 911 Center, said in a prepared statement. “Now, with Radio IP MTG’s unique compression features, it takes less than one minute to deliver information to a unit.”