APCO reporters notebook

KANSAS CITY—Several vendors introduced new products at this years APCO show, ranging from radio interfaces to access points to computer-aided dispatch systems. They are as follows:

C4i announced a new software suite run on its Radio Interface Unit (RIU), a ruggedized device that connects up to four radios to an IP network. The software offers optional mixing of multicast audio streams at the RIU to conference multiple end-points; variable delay of audio after the push-to-talk signal; and support for quality of service across the network.

EM wave announced the EM-MG11006-SP, a low-profile antenna in a ruggedized aluminum die-cast base. It supports communications in the 30 to 1000 MHz frequency band.

InterAct Public Safety Systems unveiled HerculesCAD, a next-generation computer-aided dispatch system. It is available as a hosted service application, or may be deployed as a premise-based system.

Positron Public Safety Systems launched the Emergency Communication and Collaboration Platform (ECCP), an IP-based solution that integrates the company’s Voice over IP for Emergency Response (VIPER) product with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager solutions. The company also announced that Franklin County N.Y., Emergency Services purchased its VIPER CAD Dispatch (CAD) services.

Solomon Technology Solutions launched the STACS-100-PP, a man-portable, weatherproof unit that bridges EVDO, EDGE, BGAN, Wi-Fi, telephone and data communications. The unit weighs 15 lbs. and includes two radio interoperability ports.

RadWin unveiled the 2000 series of access points that offers 50 Mb/s full-duplex net throughput and up to 16 E1/T1 interfaces. It promises a range of up to 75 miles in sub-6 GHz frequencies and costs $5000.

Teletronic S.A.U. unveiled the PowerTrunk25, a land-mobile radio infrastructure system that will be offered in conventional and trunked Project 25 digital modes and in VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz bands.

Timax Wireless launched the TMAX 3000 series wireless broadband router. It is a three-radio modular platform in a rugged outdoor enclosure that includes a patch antenna used with 4.9 GHz or 5 GHz radios.