M-Systems today announced that its DiskOnChip flash disk has been integrated in Broadcom’s latest 802.11g secure wireless access point and router reference design.

The DiskOnChip technology provides the functionality of a hard drive in a small, solid-state chip, which is useful in access points, routers and residential gateways that require 128 MB or more of non-volatile flash memory storage, according to M-Systems.

“Broadcom's integration of DiskOnChip into the 54g line of wireless access points and router reference designs provides our customers with a very cost-effective solution,” Bill Bunch, Broadcom’s senior marketing manager for wireless networking, said in a statement. “OEMs and ODMs can now market the benefits of 128, 256 and 512 Mbits of M-Systems' DiskOnChip with minimal cost. These new capacities allow for the introduction of new services and features that will meet the expanding needs of wireless LAN users.”