Daniels Electronics has announced the commercial availability of its Universal Interface Card (UIC), which can be integrated with Twisted Pair Solutions’ WAVE application suite to enable digital integration between all forms of LMR radios, as well as PC computers, PDAs, telephones and mobile phones.

The Daniels UIC can be added at the base station to provide an Ethernet port into a IP network that allows communications between disparate radio systems, greatly enhancing interoperability possibilities between public-safety entities on different legacy networks.

“The Daniels UIC is a very significant product for us, because it’s one of the first devices in the market that directly IP-enables the radio,” said Shaun Botha, Twisted Pair Solutions’ president, CTO and co-founder. “It means we can interface directly into the radio system without going through other types of gateway devices.”

Botha said this digital interface also enables functionality beyond voice. The Daniels/Twisted Pair solution also supports data communications--such as text messaging--between disparate systems, although both systems have to be able to support the function, he said.

Daniels indicated that the ability to offer bi-directional data and digital audio on an open-standards IP platform will greatly enhance interoperability efforts.

“Daniels is very pleased to be able to offer this level of interoperability in conjunction with Twisted Pair Solutions”, Gerry Wight, marketing director at Daniels Electronics, said in a prepared statement. “WAVE extends our P25 system into an IP network enabling agencies to communicate together when responding jointly to emergencies.”

Daniels also announced UIC digital interfaces with IP-based console and dispatch vendors Pantel International, Telex/Vega and Catalyst Communications.