EFJ, Inc. said its EFJohnson subsidiary has received a $1.3 million contract from the Illinois Emergency Services Management Association to provide its Project 25-compliant Netelligent communications system. EFJohnson will deploy network infrastructure, radios and repeaters that will be housed in nine trailers to be deployed throughout the state to provide interoperable communications at disaster sites.

In addition, EFJohnson also received a contract from worth $1.23 million from the Texas Panhandle Regional Planning Commission to deploy its Netelligent system that will provide communications to 210 federal, state and local agencies covering 26 counties and 26,000 square miles.

In other news, EFJ’s Transcrypt International subsidiary said that its voice privacy modules will be included in the U.S. Army’s “military bundle” that also includes an Icom radio, headset and other accessories. The modules are housed inside the radios and secure radio communications from unwanted listeners such as enemies, terrorists and insurgents, the company said.