EFJohnson today announced it has received a $943,000 order to provide its Project 25-compliant Netelligent Infrastructure System to a federal agency replacing an analog system.

The system uses voice-over-IP technology to integrate EFJohnson's 5100 Series VHF portable radios, 5300 VHF mobile radios, Netelligent UHF and VHF base station/repeaters, Project 25 dispatch console, the company's Key Management Facility, and Cisco routers, according to EFJohnson. The system is scheduled to be shipped during the second quarter.

"The EFJohnson system will be used at a single site which needs to communicate with other locations, and VoIP technology provides our customer with redundancy while eliminating a single point of failure," EFJ Chairman and CEO Michael Jalbert said in a prepared statement.