EPC/RFID middleware provider epcSolutions this week announced the release of ThingsNet, a software solution that is designed to reduce the time, effort and cost associated with implementing RFID systems by linking RFID data from readers to back-end systems.

ThingsNet is designed to let manufacturers and retailers more efficiently track items in their supply chains, according to the company.

“ThingsNet comprises an EPC-compliant Savant and EPC Information Service (EPCIS),” noted Charles Williams, epcSolutions’ chief technical officer. “The Savant provides an event-management system that handles tag-read events from attached readers and an interface to supply the tag data to external applications. The EPCIS stores tag data and containment relationships between the tags (i.e. cases on pallets) and makes this information available to the EPC/RFID network, as well as back-office applications.”