The Federal Communications Commission will launch a web site dedicated to keeping 800 MHz users updated on the status of the rebanding effort designed to mitigate interference in the band, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Chief John Muleta said today.

Muleta told FCC commissioners about the new site——during a presentation about his bureau’s achievements during 2004 and its goals for 2005. After the commission meeting, Muleta told reporters that the web site would be announced formally tomorrow. However, the site is active today.

Although Nextel Communications has not agreed to the terms of the FCC’s order and does not have to make a decision until Feb. 7, Muleta said officials believed it is important that the agency to offer a “repository of information” about the rebanding proceeding. For instance, Muleta noted that 40,000 public-safety entities would be affected by rebanding and not all of them have been able to send a representative to FCC informational sessions regarding the complex effort.

In a related item, the FCC’s International Bureau Chief Donald Abelson said officials in Canada and Mexico have been alerted to the rebanding effort, which will require changes in international treaties to be implemented along the borders.

“[Canadian and Mexican officials] want to talk further with us and see what the final rules are,” Abelson said during the press conference. “After that, I expect the coordination will go smoothly.”

Abelson said formal negotiations involving the State Department on the issue have not been initiated but he expects talks at that level to begin “quite soon.” Some Beltway observers believe the State Department will not be asked to move on the item until recent changes to the 800 MHz order are finalized and Nextel agrees to the plan.