CML Emergency Services this week announced the deployment of a tri-county 911 system for Gulf, Franklin and Calhoun counties on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The CML system lets the counties share call-answering and management services while meeting Phase I and Phase II wireless standards. It also provides mapping, voice-over-IP readiness and extensive reporting capabilities, according to a CML press release.

"We've gone from not even being Phase I-compliant right to Phase II, in less than a year," Marshall Nelson, Gulf County's director of emergency management, said in a prepared statement. "We are now able to do far more with fewer resources. And our 911 operators just fell in love with the system. They've gone from pushing buttons on telephone lines to looking at a sophisticated computer screen with maps and location information. It's much easier to use and enables us to respond faster and more effectively."

The tri-county 911 system does not use the Patriot 3.0 platform that CML unveiled during the APCO conference in Denver, but it can be upgraded to the IP-based solution relatively without requiring a forklift in the future, said Randy Burgess, CML’s marketing communications manager.

“The beauty of our traditional systems is that, if the tri-county area wanted to become more of an Internet-based solution, all of our other solutions can integrate very easily with Patriot down the road,” Burgess said.