GL Communications said it has released Version 2.12b of its PacketGen voice-over-IP testing software that can be used as real-time VoIP bulk call generator for stress testing and precise analysis of the VoIP network equipment. The company said the release provides several enhancements and fixes “several bugs.”

Among the improvements are enhanced transmit/record file functions, an improved Codec, display features in manual and bulk calling, and more reliable bulk calling.

According to the company, PacketGen now transmits and records voice files using a GL proprietary file format (.glw). An accompanying audio file converter utility automatically convert any voice file-encoded as G.711, G.729ab, G.726, or GSM-into a .glw file, which allows voice files to be sent or received at a higher density with multiple codecs.

In addition, transmission functionality has been enhanced to automatically select the properly encoded voice file based on the current codec of the call.

Also, manual and bulk calling screens now display the selected codec in the call generation/reception screens as soon as the call is established, while bulk calling has now been designed to support against momentary packet loss. If the TCP/IP connection is momentarily lost, PacketGen will automatically resume bulk calling once the connection is re-established, and the system and call statistics will be maintained and updated once the network is reestablished, the company said.