GoRemote Internet Connections this week announced it is the first to offer a single solution for mobile users that allows them to have secure remote connectivity using almost any kind of wireless access, including free Wi-Fi hotspots, in-flight Wi-Fi, cellular and 3G alternatives.

The new managed software solution is called GoRemote Mobile Office Revolution, the successor to the GoRemote Mobile Office solution. GoRemote Revolution is designed to provide more efficient access to mobile users while allowing IT and finance department to better control access to corporate data, according to a company press release.

"The enterprise has expanded well beyond the office, with more than 100 million mobile workers in the U.S. alone relying on a multitude of wireless access methods to remain connected and productive," Mark Winther, group vice president at IDC, said in a prepared statement. "By securing a wide array of access methods from free Wi-Fi and cellular to 3G and in-flight Wi-Fi, GoRemote is ushering in a new era in secure mobile access—turning all wireless access into an enterprise-class offering.”