I.D. Systems today announced that it has won a three-year contract worth at least $4 million to deploy its Wireless Asset net tracking and management system in at least eight major U.S. Postal Service (USPS) facilities.

While the eight deployments are guaranteed, I.D. Systems could see the deployment expand to as many as 460 USPS facilities under the contract, according to the company’s press release. I.D. Systems’ RFID-based technology--already implemented in several USPS facilities--was chosen for the contract at the conclusion of a competitive bid process. Wireless Asset Net features includes wireless devices installed on vehicles, a patented communication infrastructure and client-server software. Subcontractor Unisys Corp. will provide installation, training and technical support.

“This enterprise-level contract is a major milestone, not only in our long-standing relationship with the USPS, but also in our company's strategic plan to achieve mass commercialization of our unique wireless technology,” I.D. Systems Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Jagid said in a prepared statement. “To make the program a success, we will leverage our experience deploying enterprise-wide solutions for companies like Ford and Target. We look forward to helping the USPS reap significant rewards through this wireless fleet management initiative."