Intel officials today will announce that the company’s researchers have unlocked a way to support three 802.11 wireless broadband standards on a single chip, according to multiple media reports.

Being able to process the Wi-Fi standards--802.11a, b and g--on a single chip is expected to reduce costs for mobile devices, and using one chip instead of three to process 802.11 signals should result in extended battery life.

Ultimately, the goal of Intel and other high-profile chip makers is to produce chips that support multiple wireless standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even cellular technologies, according to a story on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site.

Intel engineers are scheduled to discuss the breakthrough at the 2005 VLSI Symposium on Circuits in Kyoto, Japan. At the same conference, Intel representatives also will present a paper regarding the manufacturing giant’s progress in efforts to integrate next-generation 802.11n into its popular Centrino chipsets, according to a story on