Padcom has announced a partnership with RedMoon, a mesh and fixed-wireless integrator, to work with the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, to deploy a wireless data network solution that is designed to let 188 police and fire vehicles use high-bandwidth applications such as AVL and streaming video.

Corpus Christi’s solution utilizes service from a commercial wireless carrier for wide-area coverage and Tropos Network-supplied private mesh network to cover a 20-mile section of the downtown area. To ensure seamless mobility for first responders moving from one network to another, Corpus Christi chose Padcom’s TotalRoam software solution.

"Padcom will give us the seamless roaming functionality and stringent network security to allow officers to focus on performing their duties, not managing their connectivity,” Russell Young, system specialist for Corpus Christi’s municipal information services department, said in a prepared statement. “In addition, the strength of their relationships with other approved wireless data technology vendors including RedMoon and Tropos Networks helped make this an easy decision for Corpus Christi."

The Corpus Christi contract reinforces Padcom’s strategy of partnering with key vendors in the municipal-broadband field, according to Padcom CEO Scott Stone.

"Partnerships between market leaders like Padcom, Tropos, and RedMoon can be essential in helping customers like the city of Corpus Christi bring together the best possible elements for their wireless data solution and ensure that their solutions work exactly as needed," Stone said in a prepared statement.