Leading 911 equipment and services provider Intrado yesterday announced agreements with three leading location-determination vendors—Rosum, S5 Wireless and Skyhook Wireless.

Location determination has become an increasingly important issue as voice-over-IP (VoIP) users become more mobile, challenging the traditional fixed-mobile paradigm that has dominated the E-911 industry during the past decade. As VoIP providers try to meet E-911 guidelines—and realize commercial opportunities, as well—using these technologies, Intrado plans to keep pace with the developments, said Cynthia Corne, Intrado’s director of core 911.

“As our customers make choices, we want to make sure that we can work with any of the potential location technologies [the customers] would work with,” she said.

Intrado believes the first opportunities in this industry will become evident late this year and gain momentum throughout 2007, Corne said.

All three of the vendors offer different types of wireless location-determination technologies. Rosum uses unmodified broadcast television signals, S5 offers a low-speed wireless technology and the Skyhook solution leverages Wi-Fi networks.