Irvine, Calif.-based IPMobileNet said it has entered into an agreement with the Minnesota Regional Service Agency to deploy its Series 32 mobile data system. The MRSA, comprised of service cooperatives throughout the state, serves 372 school districts, 60 counties, 170 cities and 169 government agencies.

The Kandiyohi County Law Enforcement Center Dispatch was the first MRSA to purchase an IPMobileNet system from the contract, which was approved by the MRSA board of directors in March, the company said. The contract provides MRSA members with fixed pricing for IPMobileNet hardware, software and services.

“IPMobileNet has worked successfully with cooperatives in the past, and we’ve found this model works well for smaller agencies that have a real need for mobile data but do not have the resources to support a long procurement process,” said Keith Cowan, IPMobileNet’s president and CEO, in a statement.