WASHINGTON -- ITA recently announced that the FCC recently certified the association as a frequency coordinator for the Part 90 929-930 MHz paging frequencies and the Special Emergency frequencies below 512 MHz. ITA had filed the request for certification in mid-2002. In its ruling, the FCC also certified the American Mobile Telecommunications Association as a coordinator in the bands and opened the door for other Part 90 coordinators to join in.

ITA is currently certified as a Part 90 frequency coordinator for frequencies in the Industrial/Business Pool below 512 MHz, the 800 MHz Industrial/Land Transportation and Business Pools and the 900 MHz Industrial/Land Transportation and Business Pools.

Before the ruling, the Personal Communication Industry Association (PCIA) was the only certified frequency coordinator for the 900 MHz paging frequencies and PCIA and the International Municipal Signal Association/International Association of Fire Chiefs (IMSA/IAFC) were certified exclusively as the coordinators for the former Special Emergency Radio Service. The decision to allow ITA and AMTA to coordinate in these bands goes in accordance with the FCC’s 1997 decision to consolidate the twenty PLMR services below 512 MHz into two pools, the Public Safety Pool and the Industrial/Business (I/B) Pool.