Kenwood Communications introduced the TK-7150/8150 LTR and conventional mobiles. These new 50-Series mobiles are compatible with FleetSync, a text messaging technology developed by Kenwood that the company says is for cost-effective fleet management.

The TK-7150/8150 also offers a single head remote option for space saving installation. These 50-Series mobiles operate on conventional systems with dual priority scan or LTR trunking systems or a combination of both types of systems. The TK-7150/8150 has a data compatible input port for integration with mobile data equipment, capable of data speeds of 4800 to 9600 bps.

The VHF model offers 50-watt operation, while the UHF is rated at 45 watts. In conventional mode, the 50-Series offers 128-channel operation and in LTR mode, a maximum range of 32 zones X 250 talk groups. The radios have a high-resolution 12 character alphanumeric display and also include six Programmable Function keys, each programmable for one of twenty-four functions.