TAMPA, Fla.--Kenwood Communications said during the National Emergency Number Association trade show and conference that it plans to introduce Project 25-compliant VHF portable and mobile radios. Portable handsets are slated for October 2004 delivery, while mobile radios are scheduled to be available in first quarter 2005.

Three types of portable handsets will be available: a non-keypad, no-display version, a version with keypad and full display; and an assignable four-button version with full display. Each handset offers 512 channels, FM analog and P25 digital (conventional and trunked) capability and operates over the full spectrum range from 136 MHz to 174 MHz.

The mobile radios will be based on the same platform as Kenwood’s 90 Series radio, according to Barry Morris, public-safety sales manager. "For public-safety agencies operating a conventional system now using Kenwood 90 Series radios, the migration to the Project 25 offering simply will be the control head and the RF deck," Morris said. "All of the mounting brackets, the speaker, the microphone and the interconnect cables all will remain the same, so we’re hoping that will lead to an easy transition and installation."

This isn’t Kenwood’s first foray into P25-compliant products; the company previously brought to market 800 MHz versions. "We are in the Project 25 marketplace, we have a lot of money invested in it, and we’re here to stay," Morris said.