Anne Arundel County, Md.--located midway between Baltimore and Washington and home to Annapolis and the U.S. Naval Academy--will showcase its recently purchased mobile emergency command center a mock emergency to be held August 23. The county partnered with ARINC to acquire the Mobile Command and Communications Unit (MCCU-1) last month.

The vehicle operates on ARINC’s Wireless Interoperable Network Solutions (AWINS) infrastructure, which enables interoperable communications between emergency agencies by digitizing the signals from any connected devices into a common IP protocol, the company said.

The MCCU-1 can connect radios in VHF-Hi, UHF-Hi, UHF-Lo, 800 MHz, aviation, marine, and amateur bands. In addition, a satellite feed provides a direct broadband connection to the county’s main communications network, police mobile data network, and PBX telephone system. The satellite connection also allows video teleconferencing and real-time remote video surveillance.