During its 25-year anniversary celebration Wednesday night, antenna manufacturer MAXRAD, Inc. presented the 2003 George M. Hanus Award to Robert B. Barnhill, Jr. in recognition for his leadership and contributions in the wireless communications industry.

During the presentation, which took place among a well-represented crowd of peers and industry professionals, Steve L. Deppe, MAXRAD's CEO, said, "In this special year, it is appropriate that we recognize one of the leading figures of our industry. Bob Barnhill's leadership at TESSCO and in the wireless industry has been exemplary...we are proud to be a leading supplier and partner with TESSCO."

The annual George M. Hanus award was established in 1998 in memory of MAXRAD's founder, and has since been presented to distinguished members of the wireless communications industry. The award includes a $1,000 scholarship presented to a technical school selected by the honoree.

This year's winner is founder, chairman and chief executive officer of TESSCO Technologies, a provider of products and supply chain solutions for building, operating, maintaining and using wireless telecommunications systems. The school Barnhill selected to receive the Hanus scholarship will be announced at a later date.