Microwave Data Systems (MDS) unveiled at IWCE today its latest series of radios that will support customers in the 700 MHz guard band.

The new MDS LEDR 700S is a full duplex, point-to-point, digital radio operating in the 746-794 MHz frequency range. The MDS LEDR 700S provides maximum data throughput and is scalable from 64 kbps to 384 kbps. It supports point-to-point transmission applications, public safety, long-haul telecommunications links, cellular backhaul and SCADA communications.

The MDS LEDR 700S is one of the few radios available today that operates in the 700 MHz guard band spectrum. The 700 MHz guard band is open for use in both fixed and mobile services. It consists of six megahertz of paired spectrum allocated to protect public safety operations from harmful interference coming from immediately adjacent bands.

In response to the increasing demand for spectrum and to promote efficient use of this spectrum, frequencies on this guard band are available through licensees called Guard Band Managers. Guard Band Managers, such as Maryland-based Access Spectrum, must adhere to specific technical and operational measures designed to minimize interference to the public safety licensees.

The radios have yet to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission. They cannot be sold or leased until the FCC approves.