The local law-enforcement and traffic authority of a recently constructed motor-vehicle tunnel in Korea has selected the AV3130 MegaVideo dual-sensor camera from Arecont Vision for license-plate recognition.

The Korean tunnel application uses 3/1.3 megapixel (3 MP in color mode, 1.3 MP in black and white mode) full -motion progressive-scan IP cameras, providing up to 15 frames per second in color, or day mode and 30 frames per second in black-and-white or night mode. Each camera contains an image processor chip that is capable of sustaining more than 6 billion operations per second, providing outstanding resolution and performance.

The tunnel system also uses AV100 network video recorder software and the LuxRiot NVR video management software. The system sends video images along a 100 base T Internet connection.

Source: Business Wire