Dallas-based telematics firm MicroTRAK today announced an agreement with Platinum Wireless, a Nextel national authorized representative, to market MicroTRAK’s SlimTRAK to provide location information for any GPS-enabled Nextel phone.

Using MicroTRAK’s web portal, customers can monitor real-time phone location and download reports anywhere in the U.S., according to MicroTRAK CEO Jerry Grisaffi. Combining MicroTRAK’s 108-person sales team with the sales force of Platinum Wireless—one of Nextel’s top national authorized representatives—is a source of optimism for the company, he said.

"With the coalition of sales representatives between MicroTRAK and Platinum Wireless, there is no estimating the growth potential of sales over the next quarter, and I am extremely excited about both new projects," Grisaffi said in a prepared statement.