LAS VEGAS -- Microwave Data Systems announced the introduction of the MDS Mobile Data Kit, designed for the public-safety sector. The kit includes the MDS iNET 900 network -- capable of carrying data at speeds 10x greater than traditional networks, the company said -- the MDS NETview MS software and middleware -- which provides link optimization, data compression, roaming, application session persistence and network management -- a vehicle mount antenna, coaxial cable and a mounting tray for the trunk.

In other news, Microwave Data Systems announced it would provide a wireless radio system to the Woodbury, Minn., police department. A component of the deployment will be the installation of MDS iNET 900 radios into patrol cars. The new system will enable officers to submit reports and paperwork remotely from their vehicles, the company said. In addition, the officers will have real-time access to information from other sources, including the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles. The network will offer data speeds of 512 Kb/s, which "surpasses most off-the-shelf 802.11b solutions," the company said.