Motorola recently announced it would extend its impres (Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System) Smart Energy System to its HT Professional series radios. The company’s XTS3000, ZTS5000, Saber, MTS2000 and HT1000 radios also feature the impres system, which includes batteries and a three-in-one charging unit that acts as a rapid charger, a conditioning charger and a reconditioner. It also acts as an analyzer by providing users with real-time battery capacity and charge time, the company said.

The impres system eliminates “memory effect” by automatically reconditioning the battery during the charging process; the system’s “smart circuitry,” which monitors battery charge levels and other characteristics, determines when reconditioning is needed, Motorola said. The system also solves the problem of batteries that have been on the shelf too long by automatically initializing impres batteries that have not been charged in an impres charger for at least 30 days.